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Hidan of the Akatsuki; Not at your service. I'd try not to get on my bad side. Why? Well, lets just say you'll never get rid of me no matter what you do once you've annoyed me. I'll just keep at you until you're dead. Don't ask. I dare you to find out what I mean yourself.-----------------------
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Yeah I don’t think I’ll be roleplaying Hidan anymore. It was fun while it lasted, guys! I’ll check this blog tomorrow; if a lot of people want me to stay, I’ll stay. If not, well, I won’t delete the blog, but it will be inactive forever.

Something tells me im not gonna keep my Hidan blog active for very long



when BBC fandoms think that their characters die more than any other fandom 


This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Naruto SD: Hidan

Hiatus over

I’m pretty sure when I first went onto Hiatus i had 40 something followers

How did I get to 78 during the past months i’ve been on hiatus


I want to _____ you.



The fact that the one guy throws down his bag and goes to save the guy, but then he realizes he’s too late. And if you continue watching him, he like throws his hands up and then turns away. He probably feels disappointed that he couldn’t help, but he tried. I bet he didn’t even know the guy. And that really makes me not lose faith in everyone. 

this is so sad





So there’s this guy that comes into Jimmy Johns every single Tuesday with his wife. She would order a BLT he would get a #1 and every time they both would get a soda, and split a cookie. But recently, about two months ago, his wife died of cancer (she always wore a bandana on her head from her hair-loss from chemotherapy.) But still, every single Tuesday, he comes in and orders his #1, a BLT for her, two sodas, and a cookie that he breaks in half, and sits at the table that they always used to sit at. He eats his food and stares out the window most of the time, probably waiting for her to come back to their special spot.

This breaks my heart.

what does he do with her food thats such a waste

He usually just leaves it there and we end up throwing it away.. It always makes me feel guilt for throwing her food out.


Best laugh ever goes to Hidan.